The Beautiful Daughter Recovery Program is based on the truth found in the scriptures that tell us we are God's beautiful sons and daughters.  As His children He desires to have personal relationship with us through His son, Jesus.  The entire premise of this program is to introduce women to the source for true recovery and that source is a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

During the first six months of the program the women are enrolled in selected group Bible studies taught by staff and dies for New Christians, as well as weekly discipleship classes, taught by staff and volunteers. Homework which includes scripture memorization is also part of the program. Time for completing homework assignments and personal reflection is given during the afternoons and evenings.  Mentors and volunteers also visit during the afternoons and evenings and lead worship music, facilitate studies of the Bible or just hang out and visit offering encouragement and prayer.

All aspects of the program are designed to introduce women to God through Jesus, to help them understand who God is and who they are in relation to Him, to teach them new coping skills and behaviors based on the truths found in scripture and to help them learn to apply these truths in relationship to God and others.  

As the women begin to grow in their relationship with God, the programming will challenge them to confront the hurts of their past that have caused them to turn to addictions and through group and individual discipleship will help them work through their issues so they can begin a new life of freedom from addiction.

Other aspects of the program include volunteering in the community, church attendance and chores.


As a woman moves towards her 6th month she faces many decisions. Where do I live?  How do I earn income? How do I stay encouraged and not go back to my old lifestyle?  Participants may choose to continue in the program and participate in the transition phase.  During this phase they are required to get a job, be accountable for their spending and recovery activities.  Allowing women to continue to stay on campus where they can be supported and encouraged gives them a better chance to stay clean and sober long term.