About Kari's Home for Women

Kari's Home for Women is a Bible-based, Christian, ministry, focused on helping women develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, the one and only Higher Power. 

The residential, one-year program format consists of two phases.

In phase I is the recovery phase. Women participate in a structured Bible based program, attend church and other recovery meetings and are encouraged and prayed for by women who have experienced addiction themselves. The daily schedule of activities is designed to help women grow spiritually and to live responsibly. 

Phase II is the transition phase of the program. During this phase the women continue to live on site and begin working and making plans for the future.

Kari's Home for Women clients and residents are required to attend a Christian church and encouraged to attend local recovery meetings such as Celebrate Recovery.

Kari's Home is located in west of Boone, North Carolina in a rural setting.

To, apply download the application and FAX or email it to the number/address on the application. Use the same application for both Phases of the program.